Could Vimbai have crossed the ‘moral line’ or it is creativity?

For a long time now Zimbabwean artistes have limited their creativity with the fear of being inclined to certain conundrums that are seen as taboo in the society.

What saddens is that when an ‘international’ artiste drop a ‘semi-nude’ music video, people are quick to give props and ten out of tens but when a local artiste does the same, the whole internet will go berserk shaming them for crossing “moral lines” etc.

Vimbai Zimuto recently released her much anticipated music video titled Hapana Kwaunoenda and people have had mixed feelings over the video.

What is fascinating about Vimbai who had been posting her semi-nude pictures from the video prior to its release is that she is not letting all the negative comments get to her.

The video which was directed and produced by the talented Simba Gee shows Vimbai clad in sexy lingerie and sometimes in a cloth covering the nitty-gritties.

The song itself, Hapana Kwaunoenda has a catchy chorus and compliments well with the video in which Vimbai would be seducing her fiancée not to leave her.

Going back to all the people who castigate artistes for being artistic especially by playing the “crossing moral lines” card, the question is that; is there any “moral blueprint” that states what is a moral and what is not?

People complain about not wanting their kids to be exposed to such material but their kids are always glued to Channel O and them other TV channels which show more than what Vimbai has done.

Does it mean that our artistes does not/should not have the artistic freedom that they should have to express themselves?

Times are changing and everything else is changing at a fast pace that sometimes the things we do not want to be associated with might be other people’s greenlights to stardom.

Vimbai’s video is 5 star but coming back home, the same question still remains, could Vimbai have crossed the “moral line” or it is just creativity.

Watch: Vimbai Zimuto – Hapana Kwaunoenda

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