Oskid Clears Air on the Fungisai & Vimbai Saga

Fungisai & Vee Kay 
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So this past week has seen social media being lightened up by the Vimbai and Fungisai saga where the former is accusing the latter of stealing her song (Amai Ndakanaka) which she had sent to Oskid for production. There were a lotta debates on Facebook on who really owned the song and who didn’t. 
Fungisai argued that her song was inspired by the childhood folklore rhymes ‘Amai Ndakanaka’ which she developed on her own to inspire the girl child. Whilst Vimbai (Vee Kay) is also claiming that it is her song which she sent to Oskid. Vee Kay went to greater heights of accusing Oskid of not being professional and that she was going to take legal action.
Oskid who had not made a comment on the issue ever since it surfaced had this to say on his press release from his Facebook page,

“In light of the statements made against our client Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production brand, over the past few days regarding the #NdakanakaScandal. Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and ‪#‎TeamOskid‬ would like to use this platform to convey that our client Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma is deeply disturbed by the calibre of these accusations, which are aimed to have a negative impact on his professionalism, code of conduct and business and brand identity. We further state that these accusations are littered with sensationalist distortions and misleading correlations. 

Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma was commissioned to produce a song by Vimbai “Vee Kay” Zimuto titled Ndakanaka, and did so as per Vimbai Zimuto’s brief. Never at any point did Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma or any member of the Oskid Production team leak the song, its body or share any creative concept of her song with Fungisai or any other artist as suggested in the allegations made against Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and Oskid Production team. All personnel at Oskid Productions abide to a highly confidential and data protection code of conduct for legal and professional reasons and we have safety measures in place to ensure that this code of conduct is not violated. 

We would like to state that Oskid Productions are vigorously defending ourselves and detaching Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and any member of the Oskid Production brand from these allegations and we are not scared of exploring all legal options to clear our name if needed.

For the record, Fungisai only commissioned Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma to produce three records for her just released Huya Uone Zvakuitika EP. Oskid Productions has only production credits to Huya Uone Zvakuitika, Vanondibatirana and Giroriya as per Fungisai’s commission brief. Never did Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma or any member of the Oskid Production team play any part in the writing or production of Fungisai’s Amai Ndakanaka Amai record. As stated by Fungisai in her last press statement via her Facebook page, another production house under producer named PTK was tasked to produce the song in subject, a statement detaching Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma from these allegations.

As for the Vee Kay’s Ndakanaka record Oskid Production were commissioned to produce, Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team are in the process of completing the mastering of the Vee Kay’s record as agreed. As for the statement made to insinuate that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team did not meet the agreed delivery timeline, at Oskid Production, our mantra is that we that in the race for perfection, there is no finish line. Rushing perfection is not an option for us but we do deliver project as per the agreed timelines. Again we assure you that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team did not compromise our quality, creativity and professionalism on Vee Kay’s record. As for the allegations made that, Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma went to long lengths to try and avoid Vimbai Zimuti for nearly 3 weeks, must we remind Vee Kay that Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma was out of the country due to other business commitments such as Oskid’s appearance at the UK Zimbabwe Cup Clash in the United Kingdom and the Oskid London Sessions production engagements. Even after returning from the United Kingdom the construction of the new Oskid Productions studios has been priority.

It is our understanding that Fungisai’s version of the Amai Ndakanaka Amai song and Vee Kay’s version of the Ndakanaka song and are of two different genres and aimed two different target demographics. As a music industry experts and aficionados of creativity and talent, we believe that both Fungisai and Vimbai “Vee Kay” Zimuto’s versions of this song title when released will connect to the listeners from two different perspectives and each artists’ message will be delivered accordingly as per the artists’ to vocal delivery and creative styles.

We at Jacaranda Media Group stand by Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma and the Oskid Production team’s professionalism and we look forward to the facts of this case being properly brought to light and our clients name and brand being cleared from these allegations. 

In closing, we would like to reassure our existing clients and prospective clients that we still maintain a highly confidential and data protection code of conduct and our reputation and professionalism is still intact. Business is open as usual.” – Oskid 

So considering what Oskid said, it seems as if there is no big issue why the two ladies should be fighting. Let’s wait and see what the outcome would be.

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