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Amasixteen is Thabbz second single this year after a more chilled, composed and sexual - Sanctuary he released on Valentine’s Day.

The two artistes (Thabbz and Guluva Se7en) show their lyrical prowess on the hard hitting track which was produced by Harare based Kronik boi.

Amasixteen is all about the familiar 16 rap bars which the two Kasi/ghetto bred artistes execute.

The chorus goes like …‘Ngoba thina phela s’dume ngama 16, s’dume ngama 16/ Nxa hayi hayi hayi vele kuyafiwa” which simply translate to ‘We are well known for delivering 16 rap bars and on this track we killing it”.

This is the first collaboration by the two artistes who were nominated for best new comer at the Zim Hip Hop awards 2015. 

Download, listen, share and tell us what you think about the track!

Following the launch of Sauce Boys, a clothing line owned by a University of Zimbabwe student Kingstone Zimunya, Yung Nate and P Nash have come up with a new track endorsing the clothing line.

The track is simply titled Sauce Boys and was produced by Vic Enlisted and the China based Pro Sounds Mangoma, hence the EDM feel to the track.

The duo highlight their lyrical prowess with hard hitting 24 bars each.

Yung Nate went in first with an all English verse that is appealing to the typical hip hop lover while P Nash mixes vernacular and English to give a striking a balance to the track.

Yung Nate is currently working on his mixtape, Epiphanies of Nirvana which is set to be released in August this year. This is to be his first to date and it is to be recorded at Enlisted International Studios where he is currently signed.

Award winning choreographer and dancer John Cole and upcoming artist Paul Martin's work relationship is in limbo, after the latter allegedly breached an agreement that barred him from using video clips with the former’s dance routines to create a full-length music video.

John Cole
In an interview with The ZimTainment, Cole said that they had only agreed to do short clips, but was surprised when Martin decided to do a full-length video, which he had not paid for, behind the choreographer’s back.

“Since he is an upcoming artist, we had agreed to do a ‘three-minute snippet’ video, but suddenly he started talking of a full length video, which we had not agreed on and he had not paid for,” he said.

Cole said Martin was refusing to take down the footage, which he posted on YouTube, after he had requested him to do so.

Paul Martin
“Martin is refusing to take down the video and I feel he is making use of my intellectual property. He is going to make money out of this video and I am not going to get anything from it,” he said.

Although Martin had offered to pay more for the video, Cole said the issue was now beyond repair because Martin had insulted him.

“I do not want his money anymore, not after he insulted me,” he said, adding that the upstart was now trying to turn his dancers against him.

Martin, however, denied the claims saying he had agreed to take down the footage although he never used any of Cole’s dances.

He accused Cole of trying to damage his reputation over an undisclosed vendetta.

“He asked me to remove the footage that had his dancers on it and I did. I think he is trying to tarnish my image because of a grudge he has with me from the past, but which I am not even aware of,” Martin said.

Cole accused artists of taking dancers for granted because they felt they did not add value to their music.

“I have been choreographing for a number of artists. This is not my first time coming across such people and I realise that these artistes don’t take dancers seriously. They think they are more important than us,” he said.

So Friday the 17th of March might be one of the days to remember in the Zim Hip Hop fraternity and do you know why? Well let me break it down below and I'm obviously going to call a spade a spade.

So just like any other Fridays, I woke up and was craving to listen to an exclusive interview on Capital 26Free's Keep It Real Fridays because they were hosting the saucy Kikky Badass and her partner in crime Marcus Mafia

Well it was all good until Marcus started talking about why he pulled out of the #TehnOuttaTehnTour. 

First of all he started by calling Tehn a d*ck, and yes, he called him a dick. Below are verbatim excerpts from their interview on Keep It Real Fridays. 

Tehn is his boys were booed and manhandled off stage in Mutare except for Ammara.

Tehn Diamond pulled plugs and cut off Hubby when he was performing Mai vadhikondo.

Tehn bought Nando's for the people he had in his car and bought 'rolls' for every other guys.

No one knew Tehn Diamond when we went to Africa University and by that time I felt sorry for him.

Coco Master and his boys bankrolled the Mutare tour, bought food for everyone, put in fuel, Tehn went on radio and never credited anyone.

To cut the long story short please listen to their interview below and hear how mad Marcus is with how Tehn mistreated people in Mutare. 

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