Souljah Love was an unstoppable force – Queen Vee

I had the highest honor and privilege to share the same studio and atmosphere with this great ICON, a Rare Gem a true Musical Genius.

One thing that surprised me and l am sure a lot of people was how “a pen and paper” were inessential when he created music in the studio. I mean, every artist needs a pen and paper to write their lyrics right, but “CHIBABA malyrics avo” would come straight from his head to the mic without writing them down or memorizing before recording like what most artists do.

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Exceptional right? It was as if he had a book of “ready-made” lyrics in his head. All he needed was the producer to play the beat/instrumental and what happened after that was mind blowing. Chibaba would start chanting, vibing, rhyming with so much ease.

This music thing came so natural to him, he was a lyrical beast when it came to creating music. His voice was extremely versatile he could be a chanter, a rapper, a singer, anything he wanted. This is the reason why I kept going back to him because I was always confident that given any beat, Jah Love would murder his verse.

Our supporters always said when we made music it was always magical. I presume the reason for that was, we were compatible together and had great musical chemistry and we always pushed each other to explore and do things outside our comfort zones every time we created a song . We also had the most creative and talented producers on board, Simba Tagz for “Mari Mari” and gT Beats and Oskid for “Vavengi”.

Souljah Love is one artist you couldn’t put in a box neither could you compare him to any artist he was the RARE kind!! Extremely skillful, he knew how to play with words, and he taught me a lot musically and lyrically.

I owe my success in Zimbabwe to him … we made our biggest and first hit “together” in 2016 “ Mari Mari “ then our second hit together was “Vavengi” in 2019.

A Zim Dancehall King who was extremely influential …We will remember his famous trend setting street chats Mind your Hokoso, Mind Your Turusi, Chibaba, chimhamha, High definition, television ting, to name just a few which were used and adopted by many if not all.

He was an inspiration to many and gave hope to a great number of youths .He will forever be missed but his VOICE and his name Soul “Sauro, Mwana WaStembeni, Chigunduru, Chibaba” Musaka will be tattooed in the hearts of Zimbabweans forever.


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