Hard Work From Blacperl The Masofa Panze Queen Pays Off

Blacperl at her album launch
So the last time we made a list of the Potential ZHHA Winners 2015 people laughed their asses off as if they had been listening to Zim Hip Hop from Jupiter or Saturn.

Apparently we had opined that Blacperl, the Masofa Panze queen was one of the artists who had worked her a$$ off in 2015 and was bound to walk away with one or more accolades from the Zim Hip Hop Awards.

Our so-called ‘opinion’ has proved to be almost on point as Blacperl has currently been nominated THREE TIMES in the Zim Hip Hop Awards. The event is going to take place on the 10th of December whilst the lines of voting for the people’s choice award are closing on the 8thof December.

Blacperl with Begotten sun 
Blackperl’s versatility and wordplay throughout the year has led to her being nominated not only once but thrice in the Zim Hip Hop Awards (as mentioned earlier). The Masofa Panze queen who recently launched Masofa Panze 3 the album with Noble Styles on the 18th of October was nominated in a tight and competitive Song of the year category for the remix of her track They Do Thega alongside T Gonzi (Zvenyu), Cal_Vin (Zkhuphani), Maskiri (Africa) and fellow femcee Trae Yung for her track Ndikoko.

The second category which she was nominated in is the Best Female alongside Icy Murda, Miss Kiddy and Amard. They do Thega remix earned the Masofa Panze queen another nomination in the Best Collaboration category which is dominated by her male counterparts.

Blacperl with Cindy Munyavi holding a copy of the Masofa Panze 3 album
Blacperl who was over the moon with joy had this to say when we had a quick chat with her,

 “It has been a good year for me and it feels good to be recognised. Good luck to all the nominees”

So this time we not gon play the betting game to tell y’all who and who are going to take home the accolades. Let the Zim Hip Hop Awards team do their job and we gon chill and see who’s gon be the last man/woman standing.

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