Noble Stylez And Qounfuzed Drop Visuals For Their Chart Topping Kusvika Rinyure

The visuals for for Noble Styles and Qounfuzed’s chart topping duet are finally with us ladies and gentlemen.
By Dodger
Directed by Simba Gee and shot on location in Domboshava and the Harare CBD, the simplicity of the video is its greatest strength as the story being told takes centre stage.
Noble garbed in rags plays a village boy who tries to charm a really attractive and swagged up lady against a scenic background of a beautiful lake.
Noble Styles
Qounfuzed then comes in with a melodic chorus crooning about a lady who just won’t return the love he has for her. As with all good love ballads, things take a turn for the better in the second half of the video as the scene switches to the bright city lights and the duo performs for the stubborn lady who won’t accept their suit only now they have traded their rags for some dapper formal wear.
The song itself is a creative masterpiece and its reign on the urban radio charts is more than proof of its niceness. Both Noble and Qounfuzed went out of their respective Hip Hop ¬†and Dancehall comfort zones but didn’t break a sweat in slaughtering the acoustic instrumental with their tale of undying love that just happens to be hitting a brick wall.


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