ExQ & Stunner Know How To Treat Ladies & Turn Up

Happy new week fam! We might as well say happy new month to you. We certainly hope you are going to enjoy and have a productive month of August as we say goodbye to winter heading into summer.

So as ZIMTAINMENT we bring you what’s sizzling anywhere, anytime and this past weekend there were lots of fun around the country in several joints. Lake July kicked off with a bang whilst night clubs and bars were on fire.

This weekend we managed to get a glimpse of Stunner & ExQ’s small turn up with their families and friends via Snapchat (yeah we told you about Snapchat right) where it was all laughter (we wonder what why they were celebrating) and joy.

Apparently we managed to get a glimpse of how ExQ likes to be fly with his wife. The couple was wearing shoes of the same colour and label. One will obviously envy to see a husband and wife rocking a pair of red and white Jordan shoes on their feet (it’s romantic right). You should do that for your wife too!

Meanwhile, Stunner on the other hand who seems to be joining “The Beard Gang” (yah arikuchengeta ndebvu) looked as if he was having more fun than anybody else on the scene as he could be seen running around, laughing, trolling people and obviously cuddling with his beautiful wife.

Every artist has flirted and flaunted with joy and partying but it seems as if Stunner is the king turning up. Y’all have to follow these guys on Snapchat and get to witness all this for yourself, don’t say we didn’t tell you.

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