An Insight Into Dirrty Joc’s Rhythm of The Night

Typically Hip Hop is resembled as a genre of “that life” where artists will be bragging about their swag and bling life. But is it really true or it is just a tendency which has grown in every Hip Hop artist that they should have a songs giving themselves props.

Whilst on that same issue (you were probably thinking you were reading the wrong article I guess) we received one song which we think ‘it deserves your ears’.

One sonorous voice of trombones and some cool low key bars make up one of the R’n’B Hip Hop tracks aptly titled Rhythm of the night, by the relatively known Dirrty Joc and his  homie Denzel.

Produced by M. Drama, the title of the track will make you wonder what the track is about and make you want to hear more especially if you are a Hip Hop/R’n’B fan.

Denzel’s chorus is a sweet serenade which can mesmerize you anytime and whatever mood you are in as he compliments the body on obviously bottle shaped girl which one would dream of hitting.

On the other hand Dirrty Joc with his rich boy lifestyle comes in with some partying bars of dancing, drinking booze and rolling blunts for the babe. Joc goes on to womanize and compliment the babe with some inviting bars which every babe would want to hear from her guy.

We’d really want to say more about this track but we would be doing injustice to you by spoiling you expectations as you can just download it yourself and hear what the goon were saying.

This is a fairly done track as the delivery of both artists and the beat were on point as they blended in very well with each other.


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