Zim campus drama series set to premiere

By Chengeto Chidi

The Weekend Special, a local drama series on campus life, touching on issues like Culture Shock, Rape and Drug Abuse, is set to premiere on the 10th of July on YouTube, The ZimTainment has learnt.

Lonias Rozvi Majoni, the Producer of the film highlighted that the project involves a number of tertiary institutions’ students and former students who constitute the crew and cast.

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“It’s an idea we have created not only to entertain people, but also as a platform to showcase and nurture our talents. In addition, as former and current Arts students, this is part of our reaction to the new Higher and Tertiary Education 5.0 curriculum as we seek to create an environment to implement all skills taught at school,” he said.

Majoni added that his team understands the campus environment hence making it easy for the production.

“Our team understands campus life from an informed perspective, which makes it easier to tell such a story. In addition, without funding, we had to look for volunteers and the bulk came from our friends from Tertiary Institutions”.

The Producer also expressed gratitude to established artists like Edith WeUtonga, Women in Action and Yoz who assisted with soundtracks as well as Socialites like Curtly Gwindi and Ruvimbo Nyikadzino for post production work.

Blessing Muderedzwa, Maslin Chipinda and Melissa Magombedze make up the cast whereas Leroy Kandeya is the Director.

The drama series will be shown on YouTube, at a time most local productions have resorted to online screening of projects.

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