Qounfuzed drops new track #Munyanyi


So many people are probably wondering if Qounfuzed has gone into hibernation or something else, well the Ndururani star is still in the game and is about to drop his latest single titled Munyanyi.

First and foremost you are probably wondering what a ‘Munyanyi’ is, well, according to Qounfuzed, Munyanyi is a character that takes everything to the next level without thinking about the dangers or consequences involved. For instance, remember when you tell someone that “Wakanyanya”, that person is the one referred to as “Munyanyi.”

In the track Qounfuzed will be doing what he does best, being blunt, name calling and showing fearlessness as he takes people back to where and how he started his musical journey as well as where he is at the moment.

Well basically I’m reminding people that as a dancehall musician you don’t just vanish because its bubble gum music, we are used to recording songs everyday from the top of the head and its only a few times when we sit down to actually say we are now composing songs, he said.

Do not look down uponĀ an artist who has the capability of recording more than 60 singles per year on 5 or more riddims every 2 weeks , that’s the kinda background I come from so some people need to chill.

Qounfuzed went in real hard on this one and it is not the normal 8 bars per verse, its actually 16 bars a verse making sure there is a bit more of wordplay and punchlines in the lyrics as compared to “oh please” the previous single that he had decided to go all raw on the lyrical content with no word play, punchlines or metaphors as an experiment but most of the fans did not receive it well.

Some of the bars in his verses go like:

Ndotamba ndaka tsinzinya kunge Matavire (Paul)/ asi havandibude bhobho (Bob) kunge Mawarire (Evan)

Hatibatike nguva dzese kunge vhudzi remupostori/ tikunzi hatisipo it’s another fake story/

Qounfuzed who is flexible with any genre has done a lot of features with artists from different genres for instance Pah Chihera, Maskiri and right now he is working on his second single with Stunner, simply titled “Mbiri Ngaifambe”

The latest single “Munyanyi” (which we have sampled) will be officially out on the 10 of April and be prepared for what might be the next big dancehall song. Watch this space for the track!!!

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