Baba Bona: Jnr Brown should pull up his socks

It has been more than 10 days after Jnr Brown, one of Zim Hip Hop heavy weights dropped his single titled Baba Bona and it seems as if its reception is not what I (and many others I guess) anticipated.

For a rapper who is widely known in the Hip Hop circles, Jnr Brown got free promo for his latest song from fans, radio Djs, bloggers and socialites. Many people were looking forward to the joint as it had been a long time since he had dropped something.

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When it dropped, the energy that was put in promoting it by certain individuals was no longer the same, a few people commented and shared the song on social media if my social media timelines are anything to go by.

Personally, when I got hold of the song on YouTube, I was expecting something different from Breezy, the song didn’t (doesn’t) have that wow factor.

Actually, if one is to compare it to his previous release, Loud, you won’t notice any difference, from the beats to his rhyme schemes, he is still that old Jnr Brown that dropped MaDrinks.

He is now predictable, you can easily know what he’ll say next when he drops his bars. For someone who is regarded a legend, he should have done better on Baba Bona.

Watch: Is Jnr Brown’s Baba Bona the real deal?

Baba Bona is just a decent, normal or general Hip Hop song, just like many others being dropped every day, only difference is it was dropped by a Hip Hop heavyweight.

The song dropped, and after just two days, no one was talking about it. Maybe he dropped at the wrong time, and it will pick up momentum later, but I don’t see that happening.

One music analyst in my circles had this to say on Baba Bona:

“A decent effort this. My issue is conceptually Breezy sounds limited. Outside Tongogara, most of his songs speak about the same thing. Grinding, running the streets, grams, Mukute etc. I personally want to hear more from him.”
From the current crop of Hip Hop artists that we have, I felt Breezy should have learnt one or two and his alleged ‘mini-me’ will probably surpass his legendary status in no time.

As we patiently wait for his album (which we might not get anytime soon) Jnr Brown should pull up his socks, it will come a time when his name won’t matter.

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