How Cage & Ti Gonzi Love Everyone

Apparently Young Gamez Entertainment has become a hive of talented artists. From Dancehall, Hip Hop to R’n’B, the boy Quazor has shown that he’s becoming the master of mixing at only 21. His latest Hip Hop production features the youngster, Cage and the Zvenyu hit maker Ti Gonzi on a track entitled Mese.

So upon receiving the track from Quazor of which he had to me to listen to Star FM where it was played for the first time, I was very eager to listen to what Cage had dropped and how he had flowed alongside Gonzi Imwe Mbeu.

So Mese is not a love track by the way, but a tale of how the fam loves everyone from their fans to their haters. The chorus which was axed by Ti Gonzi goes like, “Ndeip hama/ Ndeip mafriends/ Ndeip vavengi/ Ndeip mafans/ Ndakubata dollar/ Zvaku maker sense/ Dai musipo ndisiri pano hence/ Ndokudai ndokudai mese (x3)/ Ndazodziya kunge ndiri mugumbeze”

The verses on this track are just nothing but hard hitting punchlines and funny wordplay attacking and making fun of them haters from both artists. Cage slays the first two verses and Ti Gonzi finishes off the last verse with some funny wordplay on the outro.

So without taking anything from Cage and after making other people listen to the track, I give the track a 7 out of 10. He flowed well with the beat and I think Quazor did a good job in mixing and mastering the track. Gonzi on the other hand made the song more interesting and fun with his funny wordplay. I think y’all should listen to this track and tell us what you think.

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