Deep Inside Meister’s Tafadzwa

As far as Hip Hop is concerned, Meister has now discovered an uncanny formula for making all his compositions resonate with the release of his latest track, Tafadzwa.

The track which featured the R’n’B singer Jay Mashaire is on a Gee Beatz  beat and was produced by Casper Beatz at Bazuka Studios.

From the album Sekutamba Sekuseka, Tafadzwa is a smooth, groovy conscious-R’n’B typa track which was fused with a little bit of Hip Hop to deliver what many, a fan, blogger or Dj would call awesome. 

The motivational message behind the track is what’s fascinating since it is totally different from the majority of mere egoistic tracks which have been dropped lately.

Kusuwa itotadza ziva Tafadzwa zvinongonetsa nhasi, zvichanaka mangwana is what you need to grasp from the mellow chorus by Jay Mashaire who spiced up the track with his melodic voice.

Meister came in real hard with some touchy bars as he sends a deep motivational message to his peers and fans. The rapper touches on some real life situations which has been socially ignored by many people.

Ndine shamwari dzemoyo ndoita shamwari dzenhema/ Dzinowanika ndiribho dzozoshaika pazvinorema/  is one of the message sent out by Meister.

From my own judgement, I feel the track was fairly done. The beat and the bars delivery were also executed in a convincing way.

Please check this song out and send feedback telling what you think about it. Your views matter as you are the one who helps the industry grow

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