Awa Khiwe drops a love song inspired by Ndebele pet names

Awa Khiwe Snqandamathe
Awa Khiwe [Pic: Instagram]

Arguably one of the most-traveled female artistes Zimbabwe, Awa Khiwe, whose name is an acronym for African Women Arise has released a new single titled Snqandamathe.

Snqandamathe is a reminiscence of her parents’ teenage days, it is a love song that is inspired by Ndebele pet names that were used during her parents’ teenage days.

The song is nostalgic about a when time Awa Khiwe lived in the village in Matabeleland, where life was easy and teenagers dreamt of innocent relationships and where material things didn’t matter.

Awa explains how guys would chase girls for months just to win her heart. Guys would write letters and poems, and maybe try their luck when the lady is fetching water, meaning they would wait the whole day for her there, since there were no phones for better communication.

“It was common that guys would whistle from a distance to alert the girl about their presence. It was more like a secret code between the girl and the boy,” said Awa.

“Guys walked long distances as well to visit girls. There were common romantic spots like beautiful rocks and mountains, but the most common one was the river.”

Awa Khiwe uses the ndebele proverb, ‘induku enhle iganyulwe zizweni‘ (if you want the perfect lover you must look in far away places).

In the song, she impresses with her assertive style, rapping incredibly quickly as she blends in really well with the beat.

Snqandamathe was produced by Superphad. Stream or download Snqandamathe below.

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