Zimbiyana Jones: the resurgence of MC Chita

It had been a minute since we had last heard from one of Zim Hip Hop’s finest MCs, MC Chita, who now calls himself Zimbiyana Jones.

Many of you would probably remember his yesteryear monster-hit track Dandaro which featured Roki and topped several music chart shows. Now he is back with a brand new album which promises to be a masterpiece.

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MC Chita (MC) speaks to The ZimTainment’s Ronald Magweta (RM) after the launch of his album on how he has put in so much effort to produce a top tier project of international standard and quality.

RM: You’ve dropped the much anticipated album as you get back in the game, may you please tell us what fans should expect & how many albums you have now?

MC: With this album, everything is in e title, Zimbiyana Jones and The Temple of Boom. So on this album every track comes with a BOOM!!! From start to finish. It’s all high energy, hard hitting bars about hard scenarios. Expect my best work yet and this will b my 8th studio album.

RM: You’ve changed your rap name, don’t you think this will confuse fans, & please explain the new persona

Zimbiyana Jones performing at his album launch

MC: So the new name is based on one of my favorite characters on TV growing up, Indiana Jones. So I did 3 projects based on the 3 movies done by that character, hence the name Zimbiyana Jones.

I’m hoping that the fact that logo shows that Zimbiyana Jones is still a product of MC Chita. That’s why it’s written MC Chita presents Zimbiyana Jones.

RM: Your new persona, do you think it will make an impact, and maybe surpass MC Chita?

MC: I’m hoping so. I feel life is always about bettering yourself no matter what it is you do.

RM: On the features, which were your best moments & also your favourite from the album?

MC: Eish that’s a tough one. It’s hard to pick because each feature is special in it’s own way. For example there’s Slow Down feat Chengeto which has a 90’s R&B vibe which just stands out. Then there’s the Msiz’kay track Impilo which has that is really introspective and the hook he gave me still gives me chills today. Every feature is special for me because like there was a purpose to each one and it was fulfilled.

RM: Are there any crossover joints that non Hip Hop fans can vibe to?

MC: Definitely. We tried hard to make sure that though, there’s a connecting vibe through out the album, we still covered several different genres for several audiences. There’s the Hardcore Dancehall vibe on Murder feat Nutty O or the Dancehall meets kwaito vibe on the track Hatina Basa Newe feat TRK prod by GT Beatz or the Afro-Beat vibe on Meya Need feat Trayn Dillinger prod by Ranson from Ghana. The whole project is a vibe.

RM: Should fans expect visuals from the new album?

MC: Yes most definitely. Already I have 4 videos done and ready for release and there are more to come.

RM: Is there anything that you want your fans to know?

MC: We really put an effort to give people a high quality project of international standard and it was not easy. It took a lot of people and a lot of time to put this together.

Without the team of beat makers, my brothers Trayn Dillinger and TRK who spent hours mixing e project and most especially Kompozitioner for Progresyv Beats who mastered the project all in Cape Town to give it that extra je ne sei qua, this would not be the amazing piece of work it is now.

To get a copy of Zimbiyana Jones and the Temple of Boom you can easily get in touch with the rapper on social media and follow his instructions.

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