Why Zim Hip Hop artists should get signed to record labels

So last week saw Mile scoop a recording deal with Sony Music Entertainment South Africa, something that everyone in the Hip Hop fraternity is so happy about.

So this week I am going to talk about why artists (especially Zim Hip Hop) should get signed to record labels.

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There have been mixed feelings in the cyber streets over if an artist should get signed to a record label or should be his/her own paymaster.

People who have been or are against artists signing record deals have probably drawn their conclusions to the Ambitious Entertainment fracas with their former artists who include A Reece and Fifi Cooper, but, there are great benefits that are drawn from signing record deals especially with major record companies.

Record labels play a phenomenal role in the development of artists into big brands and this usually cannot be done by an artist single handedly.

It is only that we might have less or no big record labels in Zimbabwe, resulting in rappers or any other artists shun to be signed to any that would want to offer their services because most of the ‘record labels’ are just music studios.

Rappers have had a tendency of wanting ‘freedom’ to their music distribution and monetary benefits (something which they have failed independently) because they think record labels benefit more than them.

If you are an artist and you do not want to be signed to any record label or you are not sure whether to be signed or not, I am going to give you a few advantages of having a record label on your side.

First of all a record label will assign a team with experience and expertise that will be appropriate for you. This usually happens when you are an established artist and if you are an upcoming artist but show the zest to make it big, you will probably have a team behind you and you will only have to be worried about making music.

An example of such a person who has a great team behind him is Takura, he has a team that comprises of graphic designers to marketers.

Like what Mile said in his interview with The ZimTainment, the record label will be responsible of the music production, marketing and distribution as well as artist branding. This is something that an artist cannot do alone and even if you have a team behind you but not signed to any record company, you might find it difficult to finance the above mentioned.

Usually record labels have many links with the media, both electronic and print. So by getting signed, you will be exposed to a wide range of publications, TV or radio interviews that, when you are an indie artist, may find difficult to do.

Being signed to a record label is a great way to kick-start your music career and as long you abide to the terms and conditions of your contracts you are good to go.

Personally I would urge all artists to get signed if they get the chance, others may have their arguments against this but it has more merits than being an indie artist.

Congratulations to Mile on the Sony Music deal, we certainly hope you are going to make it big and others will learn from you.

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  1. very nice talk but what i really want to know is where an upcoming artist like me can get a place to develop themselves

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