ZFA Invades Harare

Blessing Zhou

By Bryan Zhawi

The economy has become so unpredictable to an extent that making financial plans for the next minute is now a high risk with high chances of no returns.

But, as we are now in a generation where working smart is now more paying than working hard, Forex trading is currently a smart move anyone can make in the comfort of your home.

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A Bulawayo centered Forex academy – Zhou Forex Academy (ZFA) which has assisted most students to be financially independent will be in Harare from the 15th to 18th of May.

This is a 3 day series of Forex trading training anyone interested in the virtual money wouldn’t want to miss.

The training will cover introductory, strategies and latest tools in the Forex trading industry.

In this technological era it’s no longer survival of the fittest (hardworking) but it’s now survival of the smartest (smart working).

If you wish to enroll for the class, kindly call or send a message to Blessing Zhou on 0785396832.

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  1. This is awesome mr zhou. Smart working smaet money. Thanxs for the training i am living fairly large because of forex trading. Keep the goodwork mr zhou.

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