Winky D & Gemma’s perfect garden

Winky D and Gemma Griffiths
Winky D and Gemma Griffiths

For so long Winky D has been subject to criticism for releasing sub-standard and poor quality music videos and this time he has finally outdone himself after he released the music video for MuGarden on St Valentine’s Day.

As promised, Winky D released a fresh, mellow love jam which he featured Gemma Griffiths who is popularly known for her the Musarova Bigman cover which she did a few years back.

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Shot in an imaginary Garden of Eden, the song chronicles the story of the first man and woman on earth, Adam and Eve, but then swerves to dodge their fate, as Winky D (Adam) asks Gemma (Eve) not to betray him by giving him the forbidden fruit.

With a well written script, Winky D and Gemma took us from the undated times of Adam and Eve before Jesus Christ (BC) up to the Vikings Age as evidenced by their costumes, living their best lives that even Adam and Eve would envy right now.

Highly rated SOS Media Production who have produced music videos for some of the top artistes in Africa were responsible for the high quality and colourful video production.

Gemma who is also an instrumentalist, serenades us with her sweet mellow voice on the chorus and the way she pronounces some of the Shona words has left many people in awe.

To make sure the song song was perfect, Winky D hired the services of Maselo, an instrumentalist and music producer, who came in with the lead guitar and Oskid put the final nail on the coffin production-wise.

MuGarden which is reported to have been shot and finished last year in October was released 3 days after his bitter rival Jah Prayzah had released his ‘over-hyped’ music video, Kunerima, which broke a record of being the first video to reach 112k views on YouTube within 24hrs.

Winky D’s MuGarden¬†last night broke Jah Prayzah’s record by reaching 140k YouTube views in 14hrs, something which has put Winky D’s fans in a frenzy.

Could Winky D and Jah Prayzah have already dropped contenders of the video of the year 2019? Well time will tell as we still have 10 more months until the year ends.

Watch: Winky D-MuGarden ft Gemma Griffiths (Official Video)

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