What Zim Hip Hop needs: The Zimdancehall Case-study

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Zim Hip Hop has for a long time been regarded as an underdog when it comes to music genres in Zimbabwe, they have less impressive when it comes to moving the crowds like what their Zimdancehall counterparts do, though this year it seems to have been changing with the likes of Ti Gonzi and Takura popping up.

For Zim Hip Hop to follow the footsteps of Zimdancehall, there is a need for a thorough study to see how Zimdancehall has been doing to make it, and below are some of the solutions that can be applied for the genre to prosper.

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1. A Chillspot – More than a recording studio. A hub which works as an incubator for new talent & pushes that talent to the streets, clubs, media.

2. Fantan – happy hype-man who is deep in the culture. One who has an eye for new talent and is street wise. Very likable and does his work like fun.

3. Empress EveKawadza – someone dedicated to host a weekly online show and give the world all the new music.

4. Kampira/Percy Dancehall – Diaspora Based music enthusiasts who swim in data and have unlimited love for the music and culture. A one stop easy to access online Cloud with all the latest Sound.

5. Stewart Nyamayaro/Ghetto CrownKing/Slimdog/Digital Chris – fierce YouTube warriors with undying love & an eye for new music videos.

6. Tafadzwa Rusike – bloggers with an eye for all the news happening on the scene and brings it out in a palatable yet non scandalous way. Who are not scared to bite the bullet.

7. Judgement Yard/Immortal movement – innovative Dj’s who eat, live the culture and push it on any major concert. Smart, likable.

8. Radio _ Judgement Yard/Smillie, Merciless/Djmbale/Templeman/Selector Garry B – Patriotic Dj’s who have the culture running in their blood. Who don’t trash the music but hype every product into magic. Dj’s who are real, vibrant and passionate.

9. Ash Styles – journalists who religiously push the culture in the mainstream press.

10. Simba Chakare – promoters who take the culture and movement to the hood and abroad. Who are wiling to invest because they also see the value.

11. City Ngoma – an annual ritual event that celebrates the culture and works as the apex indaba for the culture.

12. Zimdancehall 24 – online gossip and content promotion platform.

13. Vokal BaJordan – a prophet who sees things way before and what’s to come. One who can discover and polish diamonds from the rough and constantly raises the mirror with uninterrupted live feed.

14. Augustine Gaffa/Seh Lenno – every artist needs someone like these two. Affiliates who religiously love, support, defend, promote their preferred artists’ work.

15. Passa_Passa – regular community platforms that’s breed and promote the culture.

16. Alfred Munhenga – An international plug that connects and promotes the culture back to its foundation. A contest culture similar to Sound clashes that builds competitiveness and excitement. International promotion.

17. Winky D DiBigman – A success story that most artists look up to. With real measurable achievements and respect in the industry. One who always delivers at every chance.

18. _______ ? artists who listen, are hungry, relatable and innovative.

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  1. Good Case Study ZimTainment. The Zim Hip Hop scene needs such similar people moving the culture, however, they also need a crowd following the culture. This is yet in its infancy but there is some progress.

    There is an increase of rappers on the scene now more than before, most of them; young, serious about it, and truly relying on this music. The genre is now becoming more socially accepted amongst the youth – indicated how many young rappers are now on the scene.

    Basically more young people are easily receiving international music and culture (mostly Hip Hop, Trap, RnB and Pop) – more than before, and to the extent that some are inspired to actually rap. The cherry on top – they actually now have listeners who are waiting for their own version of the genres – mostly the youth. And this is the first big thing for the Hip Hop scene.

    However, they and also the Zimdancehall creatives, still need a lot more such as; people willing to invest in their music. It costs money to get the music to reach the masses -money for visuals, marketing and promotions, tours (including radio) and more.

    They also need people with the money to spend on their music, merchandise, and shows for them to get a return on investment and actually earn a living – and live like the superstars they claim to be :).

    Then they need social commentators like thezimtainment.co.za and other genre blogs and movements.

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