Unconventional Ways Hip Hop & Rap Artists Can Book Local Shows In 2018


If you are going to go the independent route with your music, you need to be aware of the difficulties that will come with that decision. It’s a great choice to make – you will be your own boss and you’ll be in charge of everything yourself. Building a business from the ground up is never easy though, and there are some things you’ll want to prepare yourself for.

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One of these things, is booking your own shows. Booking shows for independent artists can make some people/venues nervous, so you’ll have to learn how to really sell yourself.

Examine The Music Scene In Your Area

It’s best to start locally when learning how to book shows for rap artists. Examine the music scene in your area, and determine where you fit in. Find some local shows and see who is playing, and ask yourself if anything there is like you.

If it is, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. In a small, quiet, local place you are not likely to be blown off, especially if you are complementary about the music! Don’t be too bold about advertising yourself, but try to get some contact details and get in touch within a day or two about your stuff.

Self Promotion

To get booked for shows in hip-hop, you can’t ignore the importance of promoting yourself. An advantage to being with a record label, is the marketing team an artist will have behind them. You will have to do this yourself.

It takes time, but it’s worth it for the money you can save, and the control you maintain over your own business! A good first step is to get some high quality and eye-catching flyers printed, and put them up around town.

Be Professional

To book shows for local artists, venues look for someone who is professional. Nobody wants to book someone with a rebellious or bad attitude. Turn on the charm to get a conversation going, and maintain a professional persona.

Being professional is not only about how you behave in person, though. Have a brand, and build a following. Make sure your music is easily accessible online, and build a presence for yourself. Create your own website, and maintain social media accounts. This way, when the conversation is over and they look you up, they can find what they need, and they’ll like what they see.

One Last Thing…

Another thing to keep in mind is failure. You won’t get every gig you go after, and that’s okay. There will be plenty of opportunities if you continue putting in the work.

Success doesn’t come without hard work, but everything will be worth it once you do make it to the stage and put on successful show after successful show. – ONLINE

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