Tony Lyas & T Gonzi Warn The Youths In A New Joint

Apparently 2016 has started on a high note with a plethora of artists promising and releasing bangers of tunes some of which can be future hits in the Zim Hip Hop industry. One rapper whose artistry behind the mic ensures him a brighter 2016 is Tony Lyas. 
Tony Lyas, an upcoming rapper from Harare has released his 2nd professional track entitled “Ngwarira” which features Zim’s best freestyler T Gonzi of the “Zvenyu” fame. The track is not a typical Hip Hop tune where rappers will be feeling themselves talking about what they don’t own but one which encourages the youths and talk about the effects of not listening to the wise ones. 
Ngwarira talks about how the youths be spending a lot of time walking and sitting around the corners doing nothing productive and how they will suffer the consequences for their actions. Tony will be sitting on the chorus which goes like, “Ngwarira zvaunobata zvichaunza nhamo/ Ngwarira maunofamba uchibuda namo/” (Beware of what you handle it will bring you sorrow/ Beware of where you walk and go). 
Tony gives words of wisdom in the first verse in which he condemns those youths who are always seated doing nothing whilst others are finding a way of living. He also condemns the schools kids who always bunk school whilst others will be learning. Girls who are addicted to bleaching are also not left behind as he tells them the effects of their doings. Lyas also urges everyone to listen to their parents as they are the ones who gives guidance in life.

In the 2nd verse, the ever energetic T Gonzi shows his prowess behind the mic with his wordplay as he also comes in telling the youths that everything good comes in with hard work. He also tells the youths that everyone reap what they sow and people should work hard for better lives. One of the best lines in T Gonzi’s verse goes like, “Vamwe vaizviti vakangwara vachitorera vanhu mafoni/ Vakazozviona kuti ma liars (Lyas), ma Lyas (liars) kunge Tony”

T Gonzi goes on to tell the school kids that if they read they pass and if they pass they will probably find jobs. He also urges the youths not to underrate each other as no one knows what the future holds for each other.

As mentioned earlier on, this song is not a typical tune where rappers will be talking about bling, girls and money which makes it peculiar to the other Hip Hop songs that you know. On that fact I give the song a 7 out of 10, the reason being that the chorus was not precisely handled as compared to the verses.

This is a must have song on your play list as we begin anew year, if you feel like listening to the song you can contact Ninja Reezy on WhatsApp (+263 775 309 038). You can also follow on Twitter and Instagram @ninja_reezy.

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