Ti Gonzi, Qounfuzed’s ‘Mundirangarirewo’ inspired by true events

If you have been an avid Zimdancehall follower since day one you would probably know that the name Qounfuzed is associated with quality and unique productions.

In his latest duet, Qounfuzed joined forces with his longtime best friend and colleague Ti Gonzi for a touching mini-documentary titled Mundirangarirewo.

In an era where the use of drones is thee coolest thing, Ti Gonzi and Qounfuzed had a different concept, something that brought back memories of previous and notable events.

In the song Mundirangarirewo (which translates to remember me) the duo basically plead with everyone to remember them if they cease to exist on this planet.

The video starts with the Chillspot hype-man Dj Fantan giving props to Qounfuzed explaing that the name Qounfuzed is special to Zimdancehall and Ti Gonzi dropping a freestyle.


It shows pictures and videos from when they were still kids up to now and also notable events such as the Zim Hip Hop Awards freestyle battle which Ti Gonzi won as well as the famous 2014 Zimdancehall Sting that Qounfuzed was also part of.

Also starring in the video are the likes of Enzo Ishall, Noble Stylez, Platinum Prince, Ninja Lipsy, Hillzy, Bounty Lisa, Roki and Freeman to mention but just a few.

With Ti Gonzi having gone through a hard time recently, the song seems to be relating to the unfolding events and many people have fallen in love with it if props on social media are anything to go by.

Speaking to The ZimTainment, Qounfuzed said that there are a lot of things that he hasn’t shown people in his music journey because of certain reasons like exposure and sabotage.

“In this song I was trying to tell people that If I never make it in life just know that I tried to make it, I just want my legacy to live and also people to remember me for the little that I have done,” said Qounfuzed.

Credit should also go to Stan Joni for an amazing work on the visuals as well as Prof Lalo and Casper Beatz for the audio production.

The Mwana hit-maker also said that coming up with the video concept was a team effort.

“The first concept of the video was supposed to be typical and to be shot in South Africa, you know those videos when you will be in the graveyard, said Qounfuzed.

“However because of time and distance we ended up coming up with the documentary concept and we have been editing this video since September 2018.”

Efforts to get a comment from Ti Gonzi were fruitless as he was unreachable until the time of publication.

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