The reincarnation of Qounfuzed


Chillspot hype-man Fantan once said, “The moment you hear the name Qounfuzed, just know that Zimdancehall has started.”

Qounfuzed, born McDonald Sheldon, is one of the first Zimdancehall artistes to shoot to the limelight in Zimbabwe, while they were young and at the same time the genre was still in its infancy.

Known for his good fashion sense, Qounfuzed was also notorious for his “bad boy” attitude and he once got into a fight with Seh Calaz at a dancehall show in Harare.

He appeared on most of the Zimdancehall shows in Harare and sometimes in the United Kingdom (UK), a second home for many local dancehall chanters.

The Mwana hit-maker was a favourite for many girls because of his good fashion sense and sometimes love songs.

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With the new wave of Zimdancehall artistes that are popping up every day, some have come to think that Qounfuzed might have faded into oblivion.

However, the artiste has been on a mission to re-invent himself, both personally and musically.
Being both a student and an artiste has not been easy for him and he has since said that killing two birds with one stone was not as easy as saying A B C.

Qounfuzed, who is currently at college in the UK, has for the past year proved that he is more relevant in the Zimbabwe entertainment industry than many would think.

Inspired by real life events, the Ndakusuwa hit-maker has been releasing love conscious songs that have since resonated with many of his fans and if online music platforms are anything to go by, the chanter has already reinvented himself.

From being an industry bad boy, Qounfuzed has started releasing music that resonates with mature people and he mainly dwells on love and the struggles that are faced by ordinary citizens living in the ghettos.

He makes songs that stick, his vocal dissonance capturing what it feels to be an average Zimbabwean living in the high-density suburbs and going through a life crisis.

Inspired by reggae and hip-hop music, Qounfuzed has shown how versatile he is by dropping hard-hitting verses with witty word plays and punchlines. When it comes to creativity, he is one of the highly-rated in the country.

His sweet mellow sonorous voice is second to none in the music industry, especially if it is to be compared to his Zimdancehall peers.

When it comes to video production, Qounfuzed has been releasing some of the best music videos ever since he launched his career. His choice when it comes to locations, vixens, cameras makes him produce top notch videos.

Of late, because of the distance between him and the music producers he used to work with, Qounfuzed has resorted to work with up and coming producers since they are not always busy like the so-called big producers.

This year Qounfuzed only released five music videos and they were shot in South Africa, Zimbabwe and the UK and have all garnered close to a million views on YouTube.

He is currently working on two more music videos that are going to be released early next year.

If Qounfuzed strives to be consistent with his music, he will soon regain his former glory.

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