Shelmizzo Puts In Bars Worth A Million Words On A Love Joint

They say love is in the air but to some they say those are fairy tales. A couple of weeks  ago I received an email from Shelmizzo notifying me about his upcoming single called Like This (released a few days ago) which features the beautiful South African babe called Phiwa. Like this is a Hip Hop love track which will be favourites to all those who have had heart breaks if I may say.
The fast paced track is produced by the South African based C.M Beatz and is about a lover who is complaining to the fiancĂ© on why he/she is being treated badly. Phiwa goes in with the chorus as she sings about dishonest, disloyal… 

Why does it have to be like this/ Why does it hurts so much like this/ Why did you promise to love me like that/ Why did you let me go like that/ “

Shelmizzo, That Mushona Guy shows off his lyrical prowess behind the mic as he goes to the other side of the river of Phiwa’s story trying to calm down the babe telling her that he did everything for her and now she’s ditching her. That Mushona guy switches lanes and start to tell the babe to go on with her life as she has chosen. He tells the chick to delete his photos and contacts in her phone.

Apparently the 2mins 47secs track should have been much better if he had featured another rapper just for diversity and to spice up things. The chorus is kinda too good that if they would be remix of the song, it would be super duper.
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