R.Peels new album is ‘Eva Beautiful’

R Peels

The superstar has been in the game for just over two years now and his journey to get to this point has been incredible to watch because he did things his own way.

The talkative R.Peels has walked his talk and proved many people wrong if his debut and latest album Zviri Eva Beautiful is anything to by.

Maybe his debut album was made to be a classic just like what he said in the introductory song to the album, Mazuva ose.

R.Peels really worked hard on this album and he showcases maturity beyond his age on most of the tracks.

What is more fascinating about this album is his rap skills for a 22 year old in an industry with rappers 10 years older than him.

The whole album is all rap with some hard hitting and provoking bars in which some people might catch feelings upon listening to it.

To ensure variety R.Peels employed the services of different producers and they include; Boy Tricky, Fun F, Trajeek Cabinda, Tich, Tanic_J, MclyneBeats and Anonzi Xndr.

R.Peels also showed how diverse he is as an artiste as he also showed that he can sing too unlike other Hip Hop artistes as evidenced in songs like Nhai Bae.

His story telling skills cannot go unnoticed in this album if tracks like My Soul and Kasong kako are anything to go by.

Songs to look out for on this album are Nhai Bae featuring Anonzi Xndr and Fun F and My Babie featuring the ‘Trap king’ Scrip Mula.

Nhai Bae is a rap rendition of the yesteryear hit song Maidei by Leonard Mapfumo and was produced by Anonzi Xndr and Fun F who also laid their verses on the song.

My Babie is an Afro Pop love song which featured Scrip Mula the boy who has never disappointed on all his releases. We are really looking forward for a video for this song and others on this album.

Some of the songs to look out for on the ‘Eva Beautiful’ album are Mhosva, Eva Beautiful, Saka Chii, Butsu and Magara hamundipihwe.

Download the album below or contact R.Peels on +263 78 331 3314 and purchase a hard copy of the ‘eva beautiful’ album.


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