Qounfuzed and Seh Calaz beef needs intervention

Qounfuzed and Seh Calaz The ZimTainment
Qounfuzed and Seh Calaz

Typical Zim Hip Hop beefs usually end up with the involved parties having nothing to lose, only exchanging harsh words and diss tracks. The case differs when it comes to Zimdancehall where things escalate and end up in violence.

Such is the case of two Zimdancehall artistes who are notorious for not liking each other at all. During their early days in the music industry, people used to think that Qounfuzed and Seh Calaz were staging their beef so that they could broaden their popularity; but no, they totaly dislike each other.

The Qounfuzed and Seh Calaz beef started when the latter entered the music scene dissing Winky D in all his songs. This did not go well with Qounfuzed who reacted by defending Winky D and dissing Seh Calaz, saying that he was using Winky D as his stepping stone to the top.

In December 2013, things got nasty at the Dancehall Showdown that was held at Harare Garden when Qoundfuzed punched Seh Calaz in the face accusing him of leaking nudes pictures of his former girlfriend. Qounfuzed was later arrested and te charges were dropped.

However, this did not go well with Seh Calaz who later went back to Qounfuzed with his Bhanditi clique for revenge, Qounfuzed was beaten up and some of his dreaddlocks were cut off.

The pair continued to drop diss songs aimed at each other and this also saw the creation of cliques in the Zimdancehall fraternity, with the Ndururanis for Qounfuzed and the Bhanditis for Seh Calaz.

Recently Seh Calaz dropped a new song titled Hovhiyo on the Decoy Riddim from Chillspot Records and it is believed to be targeted at Winky D and his nemesis Souljah Love.

Qounfuzed, who had said he will not record any song on the Decoy Riddim on social media later dropped a Seh Calaz diss track which is filled with witty wordplay and rhymes.

Usually when both artistes are asked about their beef they are quick to say that it is all about music and it is certainly nowhere near that, their beef needs intervention.

The question is, do Zimbabwean artistes benefit anything from the so-called beefs or maybe it is all about increasing their fanbase?


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