Qounfused Talks About Why He’s Not Getting Airplay

The emergence of ZimDancehall on the Zimbabwean music industry for the past couple years has seen artists come and go. Some you will only hear one song and they fade whilst others maintain their graph constantly. One of the artists whom I have listened to and see him grow ever since he started is the notorious star, Qounfuzed. Qounfuzed’s career can be traced from way even before the release of Freeman’s hit song Joina City. What amazes me is how he is still managing it in the industry whilst some radio stations are not giving him air play. Two Dancehall shows which have not played Qounfuzed on radio (maybe for personal reasons) are Judgement Yard’s ZiJudgement and Templeman’s Dancehall remedy (Fact). Below is a lil conversation which I had with Qounfuzed as he was talking about how and why his career is being sabotaged.

Ninja Reezy: Hi king what’s good? Without wasting most of your precious time I just need to ask you a few questions concerning your career.

Qounfuzed: Am good man. The floor is yours you can go on.

Ninja Reezy: So Qounfuzed tell me, I’ve been listening to some of these Dancehall shows on radio and surprisingly I don’t remember hearing your songs but you are one of the artists who ride almost every riddim which come out. Can you tell me how or why you not getting air play?

Qounfuzed: First of all I would like to say one man’s meat is another man’s poison, everyone has their favorite and I guess I’m not the ZimDancehall Djs favorite artist but currently my Afro Jazz track is currently number one on the Top 40 weekly & Top 10 daily charts on Power FM.
So I’m not really moved about ZiJudgement Yard’s opinion about my music or whatever reasons they have whether it’s something to do with my talent or maybe the whole battle between my NDURURANI clique and their BHANDITI clique, but the sky is the limit for me because there are different platforms where I can put my music like the social media and other radio stations. The good part now is that I have die-hard fans who follow my music so they always find me and they get 1st hand updates of whatever they wanna know or get.
So I can safely say I’m surviving and besides I started music way back before ZiJudgement Yard so why should I be moved. If they don’t play me, actually I have stopped listening to ZiJudgement Yard coz it gives me a low self-esteem, they make people believe Zimdancehall has a few artists that’s why they interview the same 5 artists out of over 400 nationwide
Now the promoters also think these few artists are the best this genre has and so they now give these few artists shows.

Ninja Reezy: So is this not affecting ma show enyu in and outside the country. I know recently you were in SA?

Qounfuzed: We are survivors still, nyika yakauya nehondo saka hativhunduke. It does affect shows coz 90% influence comes from the media but like I said one man’s meat is another man’s poison so if you are a promoter and you really like Tally B and for as long as he is still alive and making  music, unomubata wodeedza kushow kwako or wopuhwa malink to his music.
So really not being played on radio session is not an issue but maybe not getting air play on all radio stations or all radio stations ndiwo ma1.

Ninja Reezy: So what words would you want to tell those artists who are also getting the same treatment you’re getting from these other radio or club Djs.

Qounfuzed: Ngavanamate zvinoita bho. Coz who Jah bless no man curse. Nothing beats prayer.

Ninja Reezy: Okay king, thanks for your time ka, anyway tamirira Kusvika Rinyure video lol

Qounfuzed: All good my guy, the video will be out sooner than you think. Stay blessed. 
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