Poptain unravels a new hit that we can’t contain


The Covid-19 pandemic came with some highs and lows and one of the best thing to ever come out of this era musically is Dancehall sensation Poptain.

Ever since Poptain dropped Duffle Bag, he hasn’t looked back and he has literally owned the year 2020 in as much as hit songs are concerned.

When people were still vibing to Fadza Mutengi, Poptain joined forces with ABX Head Honcho Nutty O for another monster hit, Kokai, which has been trending on YouTube and topping radio charts.

People thought he was done for the year, only to be mesmerized by short video clips of him doing his signature dance moves, that paved way for his latest release, Tetena Amount.

Probably the best song for the 2020 festive season, Tetena Amount is a party song with a slick video that will cheer up people in several homes during this Covid-19 era.

The visuals were shot by Bezaleel Mhako who has been doing well with visuals lately. The locations, dance choreography moves and the dancers spiced up the video making it one of the best videos to come out this year.

Poptain has surely outdone himself this year!

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