NTM Tha Homie drops ‘MaGhetto Yuts’ 

Budding Hip Hop and rap artiste NTM tha Homie who is also known as Mzukuru waTangwena recently dropped his single titled ‘MaGhetto Yuts.’

The song was produced by Nargee at 3nican Entertainment and it is off his upcoming EP which is due to be released in January under ZikuTsotsi Movement.

In the song NTM calls a spade a spade and leaves no stone unturned as he talks about the problems and hardships that being faced by the youths nowadays. The rapper mentions how politicians make fake promises to the civilians and never deliver them goes on to ask how the politicians would feel if they were to experience the hardships being faces by Zimbabwean youths right now.

The song is one of those songs that make one question a lot of things going on in the world today from unemployment to what it gives birth to, for instance poverty and corruption especially when he says ‘enda paCorner paSpeke its money that they seek/ or ukaenda paCorner paRobert unoona matsimba ePoverty/’.

The message delivered in this song is exactly what should be preached by other rappers so as to show the world that Hip Hop is not all about bling bling only.

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