Noble Stylz challenges Stunner, Mudiwa & 3 other rappers to a 5 on 1 rap battle

Noble Stylz

The coronavirus pandemic has been a pain the neck for the arts industry as it has caused mass cancellations of tours, concerts and festivals locally and around the world.

However some artistes have remained determined to connect with their fans through live music by live streaming their performances on social media.

With that in mind, Hip Hop artiste Noble Stylz has called has challenged industry bigwigs Stunner and Mudiwa into a 5 on 1 rap battle in which the latter have to choose 3 other rappers of their choice to their side for ‘a cool prize money.’

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Noble who claims to be undisputed in rap battles mentioned that it is all about putting the (Hip Hop) culture onto the front.

“The idea is putting the Culture onto the front by embracing the truest essence of rap but not ignoring the business side of the art-form. DJs battle by spinning records, Mcees battle through bars,” said Noble Stylz.

“It is a great opportunity to make a tripod stand between mainstream audience, raps essence and business.”

The Masofa Panze hit-maker said battling 5 rappers is all for entertainment value.

“5 vs 1 is for entertainment value, it’s putting the stacks higher than normal, I always love taking up challenges bigger than my previous,” he said.

“My battle resume and body-bag cabinet is full of notable faces so Stunner and Mudiwa get to add 3 other Mcees to make a dream team and now my body-bags are well suited for everyone.”

However, other Hip Hop fanatics are arguing that Stunner and Mudiwa are not battle rappers hence they do not have the capacity to be in a battle even though they get to choose 3 more rappers to their side.

Mudiwa appreciated the gesture but however said he was commercial and wanted something that will benefit him, something that will make people buy his music.

He said; “I appreciate this bro…it is great but not what i had in mind…Considering we aren’t going to be doing shows, Marketing our music, songs to sell on line should always be a priority. That’s why i said songs battle. Rap battles are fun but no one is going to go buy music online after hearing a free style, as u know i am commercial and we need to market our songs and Zim Hip Hop…songs battle am in, rap freestyle what what…i am too broke to have time for that I NEED MONEY ma gents…let people know our songs and buy.”

Stunner is yet to comment on the challenge, and if he agrees we would get to witness a rap battle between some of the big names in the industry in a long time.

Please share your thoughts with us, do you think this battle is a fair one? Do you think it will take place?

Below are views from different Hip Hop fanatics regarding this rap battle challenge.

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