Noble Stylz and Trae Yung, greatest Zim Hip Hop artistes of all time?

Noble Stylz and Trae Yung GOAT
Noble Stylz and Trae Yung

If you know anything about Noble Stylz and Trae Yung’s relationship musically you will realize that they both bring out the best out of each other.

From the days of Maborn Free up to now, one can easily note that they have mastered the art of collaboration, their delivery on a single track is unmatched and contrary to Noble’s joint EP with Perl, this one takes the cup.

Listening to the new Noble Stylz and Trae Yung album can make you think of Bonnie and Clyde, their friendship has probably contributed more to their team chemistry.

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In their latest album, GOAT, which is an acronym for Greatest of all time, the rappers touch on different topics and aspects of life.

With the use of witty wordplay and similes, the duo address socio-economic and political issues that has affected and still affecting our societies.

The first track, ‘Mwari Haasi Mbeveve,’ Noble and Trae turn into retro storytellers with a touching experience of how a girl was impregnated by a pastor who was responsible for her wellbeing. Elli-ot provided his services on the chorus with his sterling voice and this is one of the best songs on the album as one can easily get attached and feel the emotions as the duo decipher the whole story.

Izwi Rengirozi’ is sort of a religious song. With Vito on the chorus, Noble and Trae go back and forth explaining how people have endured pain in their lives and they used biblical stories asking whether all the problems faced by people are meant to be encountered.

In ‘Toast to the life,’ Noble and Trae ropes in Cindy for a celebratory trap joint as they give thanks to life, and just like Whisky Crush Wednesdays, they celebrate the gift of life with bottles like always.

Noble fires shots at the yesteryear Hip Hop group MMT and boasts on how he has dropped six albums in six years on ‘Reality Cheque’ which featured Chopar. “From M.M.Takiller to having Yachi for dinner,” raps Noble.

So in love’ and ‘Eve naAdam’ are love songs and the former features Tatiana as they all explain how they are in love with their partners. Trae Yung went in pretty good on the first verse. The latter is all about typical conversations between couples who are madly in love and it features Vito on the chorus.

The seventh track, ‘Rufu hupenyu’ talks about how all the problem being faced by people in life were started by Adam and Eve, and put it in a way that will leave you in awe.

Six feet’ is the track that you should listen to first and will not say much about it, it’s the biggest standout. “Ndiyani the Emcee and the perfect wording (wedding), I do,” pompously raps Noble on the track ‘Tisu ka’ where both boast about how they are the king and queen in the game.

With both artistes being veterans in the game, this album is evidence of how they stand out among others especially using their experience and being able to cover all aspects of life in their songs, something that lacks in most Hip Hop artistes.

The album is full of substance and humour and even someone who is not a Hip Hop fan can easily vibe to it.

GOAT was mainly produced by the legendary Russo, Chopar, Rayo Beats and Splits Loui also having their hands on some of the tracks.

Make sure you get the album and maybe you will be able to know if Noble Stylz and Trae Yung are the GOATs or not.

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