Music is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: Vusa Mkhaya

Vusa Mkhaya [Pic: Facebook]

There has been an uproar on social media after music producer made Lazzie T made tribal comments on Zimdancehall artist Ma9nine during a Nash TV Riddim Assessment programme.

Several artists and music critics took to social media and bemoaned Lazzie’s sentiments saying they were uncalled for and as a music producer his role is to unify people and not to divide through tribalistic comments

One of the artists who poured his heart out over the issue is Austria-based Imbube musician Vusa Mkhaya.

Vusa reiterated how music is a universal language citing examples of how he has toured the world singing in IsiNdebele and people have loved his music.

Vusa Mkhaya on stage [Pic 📷©️ Andreas Mueller]
Below is what he had to say on his Facebook page:

“Music is a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. This is why some of us perform worldwide in Theaters, Festivals etc in IsiNdebele and we will continue doing so. Whoever thinks they are special because they speak Korekore, Manyika, Ndau, Zazuru or any other Zimbabwean language and therefor ask for subtitles when Ndebele music is being aired on some facebook live show kahambe ayokufa.

You listen to Koffi Olomide, Salif Keita, Mafikizolo etc and it’s ok when they sing in their languages which you don’t understand, and when it’s done by your country men/women you need subtitles because “IsiNdebele is complicated” Awunyi perhaps?

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The most disgusting thing is that this is done by some so called role models.. last week it was someone on radio ekhuluma inyongo and just yesternight another clown who calls himself “Africa’s number one Reggae musician”. was busy with his verbal diarrhea.

We’ve been called “cry babies” for speaking against tribalism and this big brother/Bambazonke mentality yenu yokunuka. I will take that title with pride as long as I know ukuthi I am standing up for those who cannot defend themselves. Call me cry baby anytime ngizasabela.

Stop tribalism, racism and all the other isms. They have no place in our society.

If you think this message is harsh, use the unfriend or block button. I will be grateful Ka-Cool.

Ungatshaya inja umnikazi uyavela egcekeni.”


Another artist who has also castigated Lazzie T’s sentiments is award-winning Hip Hop artist Awa Khiwe stated that tribalism is real in Zimbabwe.

When I said, “Some people have an attitude with our music when they hear Ndebele” people hit me me with that “music is universal” what what, nah fam. Tribalism is real in Zimbabwe, you are just not on the receiving end, she said.

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