Meet the new kids on the block: Voice2


Voice2 are is Zimbabwean Gospel music duo of identical twin sisters, Takudzwa and Tatenda Karumazondo. They were born on the 7th of September 1991 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.


Voice2 began their singing career at Murehwa Central Primary School. A mission school in Murewa, Zimbabwe. Takudzwa and Tatenda performed during variety shows stylised as V-shows (a branch under the school entertainment program) in which the students could express their talent through singing and dancing. Later on during their secondary school days, they joined the Scripture Union Club where they mastered acapella. By then they were known as “Taku naTate” then later on they changed their name to “SimplyTT” until they finally renamed themselves to Voice2. Their first public performance as professionals was in 2015 at Batanai Gardens in Harare during a gospel event with the theme “ON THE RISE”

Undeserved Mercy is Voice2’s debut studio album. It was recorded at Colour House Studios, Victaks Records and Blecx Music. It was recorded from 6 January 2018 to 25 August 2018.

The album was then released on the 14th of September 2018. It is a very diverse album with genres including Afro-beat, R’n’B, Reggae and Reggae Conscious. It was recorded in English and the vernacular language, Shona. The duo is currently signed to Mumhanzi Media under a management contract.

“Undeserved Mercy” is a very unique name for an album. The story behind the title is that Our God is a God of second chances and we glorify His unconditional love which does not look at somebody’s past mistakes but instead promote us to a level where everybody around us starts to believe that there is a living God.

Singles from this album include

1. Ndinotemba naYahwe
2. Anouya Jesu
3. Judah my Sceptre (Praise my Power)
4. Come Dhuze naMwari

Overall insight of the Undeserved Mercy album

  •  Ndinotenda naYahwe equips one to build firm trust in the Lord no matter which difficult circumstances they go through.
  •  Judah my Sceptre (Praise my Power) talks about substituting tears with praise.
  •  No Testimony without a test encourages one not to give up in times of trials and know that there is no victory without a fight.
  •  Undeserved Mercy talks about God’s Mercy not having boundaries on any person even though that person feels like they do not deserve mercy
  •  Come Dhuze naMwari, Anouya Jesu and Kufamba naJesu encourages someone to forget their sorrows, substitute worry with joy and give happiness a chance

Voice2 is a promising duo that put up together an beautiful album that is full of uplifting songs. Hopefully this album will be they one step to success and greatness!

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