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His contribution to the Dancehall Industry is on the missing parts of the genre as it is presented in the country, like something that other producers are kinda leaving behind. He is a multi-talented young man, a rapper and a Hip Hop and Dancehall producer. He is only 20 years of age but has managed to go past many obstacles and to make a name for himself in the music industry. Y’all meet Quazor, a producer from Young Games Entertainment and below is a one on one interview which we did with him.
Ninja Reezy: What up Quazor my man, can you start by introducing yourself to the fam.
Quazor: Well, my real name is Augustine Darara a.k.a Quazor. I’m 20 years of age and the man behind Young Games Entertainment.
Ninja Reezy: Where did you do your Primary and Secondary School?
Quazor: I started my Primary School at Lewisham then transferred to Zimre Primary School. I did my secondary school in Murehwa at ST Paul’s Mission then transferred to CITMA College in Harare.
Ninja Reezy: So how did you become a producer, like who taught you or who was/is your inspiration?
Quazor: Mmmmh it started off as an interest till I got my first copy and first and last tutorial from Vukani Shoko a.k.a Vusho. The rest were experiments and a lot of practice.
Ninja Reezy: So as a Dancehall Producer how are you coping with the competition especially at your age, you still young sha?
Quazor: Well to be honest I wouldn’t call myself a Dancehall producer. Those who know me well know my Hip Hop and R’n’B side and the reason I produce Dancehall is not to compete, I feel like my contribution in the Dancehall industry is on the missing parts of Dancehall, like something that I think other producers are leaving behind.
Ninja Reezy: So on the Dancehall side how many riddims do you have in your name so far?
Quazor: From my first to the current Sound Storm riddim they are seven.
Ninja Reezy: Apparently I’ve heard some of your riddims on rotation paZBCtv, have you ever worked with the so-called big artists?
Quazor: Mmmmh I wouldn’t say I have worked with a lot of big artists. I’m a guy who’s still finding his way out.
Ninja Reezy: So since you are both a Dancehall and Hip Hop producer, how do you balance the two?
Quazor: Well it’s not easy I would say. It takes a lot of focus and a lot of sleepless nights to balance the two.
Ninja Reezy: So between Hip Hop and Dancehall which one is your favorite when it comes to producing?
Quazor: Hahaha that’s a tight question man. I would say Hip Hop coz that’s what I grew up listening to but mmmh even the Dancehall side gets me going as well. To answer you I would say it’s not about the genre but more of the creativity and art of the production.
Ninja Reezy: Standard man, I also believe that you’re an artist, can you tell us about it.
Quazor: hahaha yes but not an artist who is always in the booth and all. I just sing when I feel like though I compose and write songs for a couple of artists. I started as an artist before venturing into producing so singing is an old habit that is just dying slowly.
Ninja Reezy: hahaha keep that habit sha, so which artists would you wish to work with in the future as a producer?
Quazor: Winky D, Celsius, basically everyone is unique in their own way.
Ninja Reezy: So where do you see yourself in 5-10yrs to come?
Quazor: Mmmmh if all goes well, would’ve crossed a lot of borders considering that I have worked with artists from different parts of the world.
Ninja Reezy: So words of advice to other young producers out there.
Quazor: Well I wanna say you don’t have to be a grown up to be what you want to be. Dream chasing starts at any age.
Ninja Reezy: Thanks for your time man, so how can people out there contact you?
Quazor: Well here are my social network handles,
Facebook – QuaZor
Twitter – @QuaZoryge;
Instagram – @QuaZoryge
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