Live Updates: Zim Hip Hop Summit

State of Zim Hip Hop panelists

Hip Hop is one of the biggest cultures in the world and has been steadily growing in Zimbabwe for years since the 80s.

Today Hip Hop heads sit down and try to come up with solutions on how to curb the problems that have been keeping the Hip Hop culture backward.

09:30: State of Zim Hip Hop

Contributor: The culture is there but there are only a bunch of rappers making music. Radio personalities are not passionate about the culture.

Da Kid Verse: There is no knowledge of self in this industry.

mUnetsi: You need to make music that speak to the people just like what Zim Dancehall artistes are doing.

Sharky: At what point do we do a quality control on who does this and what criteria is used for a song to be shitty?

Snooks: What are we doing with the good music that we have right now, besides all the negativity in the industry?

Zimboy: People are so quick to look at problems but they are not doing anything to curb the problems.

Cal_Vin: The Cassper and Cal_Vin was not about xenophobia (corrects the notion about his track with Cass)

SpekTrumn: Make music for the people and make sure they relate to it.

The Business of Hip Hop

Slikour: Radio is no longer what it used to be like 10yrs ago as times are changing.

Zaza: Bulawayo was not being given airplay as much as Harare as far as Hip Hop is concerned.

Slikour: One of the best way to monetize as a rapper is having everyone in your team putting in 100% of their work, from managers to the artiste himself.

Slikour: If you are rapper and you always walk tryna mirror a picture of an American artiste, that is where the disconnect is.

Slikour: If everyone wants to be a rapper then we have a problem, you should stay in your line.

Slikour: If we don’t document our progress and whatever we do, no one is going to see our progress in the future.

Slikour: Teamwork is gold when it comes to the upliftment of Hip Hop, you should have managers, videographers, writers etc.

CBZ: You need to have a financial back up plan as an artiste. Do you have a bank account? Do you use social media effectively?

Lyricism, Conflict and Free Expression

Noble Stylz: Lyricism is all about telling your own story but the thing is if you do that you become an enemy of the state.

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