Lessons from Zuluboy & Soweto Soul Concert to all Zim rappers – Plot Mhako

Plot Mhako and Zuluboy

Lessons from Zuluboy & Soweto Soul Concert to all Zimbabwean rappers:

  1. Be confident & own the stage: Don’t sing for your/to yourself
  2. Be audible when singing: Rap & not cRap
  3. Be rooted: You need a narrative inspired by your lifestyle, your culture and upbringing. That flows better than an imaginary one & it’s more appealing
  4. Local is lekker: Zuluboy sang 90% in vernacular and still mesmerized thousands in the audience.
  5. Image is everything – Zuluboy performed donning a traditional headgear and that gave him & his band an identity.
  6. Choreography – the dances band were on point and engaging with the audience who mimicked the moves.
  7. Rehearse: The band’s set looked well polished and rehearsed and there was chemistry which the audience felt and connected to.
  8. Sound check – it’s an essential part of the concert.
  9. Sell your music at the show – After show they sold out 100s of CDs & Vynal records.
  10. Don’t try too hard: be yourself
  11. Don’t be a superstar when your star is not shining.
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