Kikky Badass: Hail the Party Queen

kikky badass party queen
Scenes from the Party Queen music video

When Kikky Badass dropped the snippet of her latest Party Queen video I couldn’t help it but go on to turn on the notifications button on her YouTube channel. I probably wanted to be among the first people to stream the joint

Ever since it dropped, Party Queen is one song that I have been streaming again and again, well probably not because of what you are thinking right now, but hey maybe it is because of that, you all saw that.

When this year started someone once posted that the future is female, and Kikky is one female artist who has showed that for real, the future is female.

Putting aside the amazing visuals, probably my best video for 2020, Party Queen is a nasty or maybe a bad-ass rap joint that reveals the bad-ass side of Kikky that many of probably assume she is.

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In the song, she boasts of how she represents and stand by her gang/crew always.

Not only in this video or song but Kikky Badass has build her career around empowering women to own the power of their bodies without waiting on men for permission or instruction.

Kikky jumps in Party Queen with force, power, charisma and confidence, dropping bars in a slick way giving some of her male counterparts a run for their money.

I would have wanted to say more about this bad-ass video but I think you can just watch for yourself if you haven’t, if you have, just watch again.

Kikky Badass is currently working on her album titled Bloodline which she said is dropping soon.

Watch: Kikky Badass – Party Queen (Official Music Video)

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