Inside ‘The First Book of Loco’

Jungle Loco

By the time I was typing this, I was low-key under pressure from Hip Hop fans/stakeholders who have been saying bloggers are sleeping on this project. I had my reasons though, I was taking my time to listen.

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Anyway, Jungle is no longer a Kid anymore, Jungle is now Loco and here is his brand new album, The First Book of Loco (Bata MaStreets).

For a vivid snapshot of what Jungle Loco is capable of, Bata MaStreets, the second track in the album literary describes what he has done in the Hip Hop streets.

At a time where most of the youths are locked down in their homes, Jungle has come to the rescue with a solid project that exhumes the day to day struggle of an average Zimbabwean youth.

From love tips to general life and hustling tips, Jungle got you covered in his new project. The depth in some of his lyrics with leave you in awe.

Arguably one of the best vernacular rappers, if not the best, Jungle uses witty street lingo accompanied by “sexy” word-play that even an average ‘A’ Level student might find hard to decipher.

His “pen-game” has been described by many, as the best amongst his peers. His delivery is unmatched, unique and you can’t compare him to anyone else.

Jungle Loco sums up what’s in his album on track number 15. He delves into social life, politics, religion etc in the 7 minute track.

Handina kutanga ndaenda ku college kuti ndinyore izvi/
Don’t get it twisted baba iyi istreet knowledge/
Varsity iri overrated dhara/
Unoendako economy inokuita chanana, kudzidzira kugara/

On the features, the Masvingo-based rapper ropped in R.Peels, Shian, Kriss Newton, Woodburn, McPotar, Lyre, Baba Rah, Bongzee and D-Varren.

On the production side he acquired the services of Jonn The Producer, Cyber 101, and Pepzee da Beatgod and some of the tracks were mixed and mastered by Lyre.

As for his choice of beats, they seamlessly click and merge with his lyrics, somethings that most rappers fail to execute.

The First Book of Loco might not be “jump the speakers” fun, but with the state in which the country is in, we could use someone who is this ‘Loco.’

To get hold of the copy of this album get in touch with Jungle Loco on social media.

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