Enzo drops 1st video under Passion Java Records

Dancehall artiste Enzo Ishall dropped his first single, Highest Score, under Passion Java Records (PJR) and has been trending on YouTube clocking more than 92 000 views in less than 48 hours.

Enzo Ishall explained that the theme of the video song, done mainly in Jamaican Patois, was centred on God’s protection over his life.

“God will protect me from all evil no matter how hard these demons will try to destroy me… I will get the highest score,” he posted on his Instagram page.

“This video shows how demons are fighting me in my dreams and in real life, but I no longer fear, I have gathered up all the strength I need.”

The video — which has an international flair courtesy of its classy visuals — is likely to be a point of conjecture following the musician’s departure from Chillspot Records, from where he was lured by Java.

The development torched a storm with punters arguing it would mark the end of Enzo Ishall’s blossoming music career in its infancy.

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Java is on record saying he was not investing into Zimbabwe’s unprofitable music industry, but was simply giving promising artistes a helping hand.

He said when he first met Enzo Ishall the musician could not even afford to pay for a trip into the city centre.

“It was tough. And I spoke to DJ Levels and said we should help the young man… I have used more than $10 000 on Enzo. We have a video coming out shortly called the Highest Score. That’s the best ever song that Enzo has ever sung,” he said.

“We used over R1,2 million. I flew over 20 people from Zimbabwe. I flew people from Cape Town to Johannesburg. We booked over 18 hotel rooms and fed people for four days. We signed an agreement and paid a big company to shoot the video. It’s more than a song. It’s a movie in itself.”

Enzo Ishall hit the limelight a few years ago with monster tracks such as Kanjiva, 50 Magate and Smart Inotangira Kutsoka.

However, in as much as the video had a high budget and all, it has drawn criticism from different facets of the entertainment industry.

Others have suugested that the video is not meant for Enzo’s typical ghetto audience who made him the artiste he is right now and others went further on to say that the video resembles the so-called illuminati which is considered to be satanic.

The video comes at a time when artistes like Tamy Moyo have also released top notch videos but have failed to get attention from their fans.

Highest Score has got a lot of bad reviews from several infulencial people on social media but if numbers are to be considered, he is certainly going to benefit monetarily from this.

What’s your take on the video?

Enzo Ishall – Highest Score (Official Video)

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