David Zinyama Inspires People Via Snapchat

I think y’all know what happens when talent meets hard work. Actually I have never been inspired by someone of my age ever since I was born (honestly) but ever since I started to know David Zinyama everything has started to take shape. This article seeks to shed light on how the legendary David Zinyama has inspired many people via SNAPCHAT.

When I term him “Legendary” people might think I’m exaggerating on whatever David does in life. David Zinyama is a 25yr old who graduated with a first class degree in Graphic Designing this year. He was born in Zimbabwe but is now based in England. David Zinyama was termed the King of Photoshop in Hip Hop after his (Photoshopped) pictures with Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj went viral on social media.

Unlike all the cool kids who use social media to show off what their parents will be buying them, posting new kicks, cars and clothes, it is a completely different story with the humble David Zinyama.

On his Snapchat, David usually takes us through his work from morning till evening, showing us how he works and interact with his customers. In some of his snaps he will be encouraging people not to waste their time on unproductive ish which does not bring food to the table.

One of the snaps which made me write this article is when he was talking about wasting time watching someone’s snaps that snap a lot and gaining nothing from it. He had this to say,

“Now if you got someone that snaps let’s say up to an average of a minute a day X that by 7 that is 420 seconds which is 7mins. 420 x a month (31 days) that is 217mins. 217mins is 3,6hrs. Now 3,6hrs per month x 12 that is 43,2hrs. So per year you waste 43.2hrs of your time. This is a calculation on one person, now imagine if you follow over three of these people.

 If you really got what David was talking then you should know that he was also talking about those who spend their time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms doing unproductive work. If you’re on Snapchat you can add him @ davidzinyama and you’ll get to know his trademark saying, “LETS GET THIS WORK B!” Don’t forget to add @ ninjareezy also, you’re being watched lol. 


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