Bazooker stole the helmet!

So, having dropped a video having fun in the studio supposedly ‘freestyling’ to an Oskid and T-Man beat a few weeks back, Bazooker had already created a hype to whatever he had baking in his musical oven.

Folks, the wait is over and what we got on our plates is burning hot and tasty.

Oskid and T-Man dropped their latest offering, the Helmet Riddim which was powered by the flamboyant Prophet Java.

A number of artists including Bounty Lisa, Hwinza, Dhadza D, Uncle Epaan, Pumakol and man of the moment Enzo Ishall have all smashed possible hits on the riddim, and then there is Bazooker.

For quite some time now, no one had really brought a ndebele fusion onto the scene and actually got people hooked.

With this release, Bazooker has incited in new or rather different captivating wordplay, creatively fusing Shona and Ndebele on one track.

As a listener who knows both languages and cultures, I bet you even the folks in Bulawayo will like this one.

The chorus, “uM‚Äźdala wethu, umdala wethu…” takes it home for most, a line he uses to assert himself as one of the best.

This comes after Chillspot Records’ Dj Fantan had revealed future plans for his stable’s artists in an interview with ZiFm’s Anesu Masamvu, as a collective effort to penetrate as much of the entertainment scene as possible.

Is this what he meant? Making Zimdancehall more appealing to the Ndebele part of the country?

If that was the intention they might actually have to tick it off their checklist as done.

We had a couple of listening sessions in a few of our random WhatsApp groups and the reactions were all positive.

Bazooker has most certainly showed that he cannot be ignored and this could be the start of a streak coming after releasing two videos, Bodo and

If social media responses are anything to go by, the Bazooker akatiza neriddim (ran away with the riddim).

The future looks bright for the lad, Bambo.

Oh, by the way, that Ndebele is suspect though (lmao).

Watch: Bazooker – Bodo (Official Video)

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