Asaph, a certified Zim Hip Hop king


The vacancy of the King of Zim Hip Hop is certainly now occupied if Asaph’s latest release, Mambo, is anything to by.

In his latest video, Asaph roped in Ill Duce Dynasty’s Tha Dawg and Fish F McSwagg who brimmed with a prodigious volume of confidence as they served catchy Shona and Ndebele hooks on a phenomenal Rayo Beats production.

Asaph’s dream to elevate Bulawayo through rap and his tenacity to be what he wants [king] is evidenced in the first verse as he addresses how music from the city [Bulawayo] should be promoted and how he got the city singing “we are young and we don’t care” from Northend to Luveve.

Cal Vin is brought in the equation and it is now crystal clear that there might be bad blood between them as Asaph mentions that Cal Vin now sees him as a threat.

This year there are already many songs which have been released but in as much as Mambo is concerned, Asaph is probably the hottest rapper right now and this is not only in Bulawayo, but countrywide.

There have been debates on whether ‘kingship’ is attained through the success of discographies, popularity, but no, kings come and go all the time and the guy who is the talk of the town is the king.

Asaph’s latest song will certainly touch nerves, and not only Cal Vin might feel some type of way, but also other rappers who have made themselves kings before.

If the hype on social media is anything to go by, then Mambo will contest for song of the year as well as video of the year. Shout out to Blaqink Creates for the visuals.

It has been a long time coming since people have been served with a dope sing along rap song and thanks to Asaph others might have to put aside the monotonous trap joints from their playlists.

Asaph is now Zim Hip Hop’s king!

Watch: Asaph – Mambo featuring Tha Dawgg and Fish F McSwagg (prod by Rayo Beats)

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