Artists must embrace foot soldiers and music touts

Gaffa Lite
Gaffa Lite

By Argus Mepo

Foot soldiers who are also music touts are the underrated music chauvinists who play an important role in pushing music especially during these times were social media is the premium platform for pushing music.

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They are die hard music supporters who express their undying love for their preferred artists.

They help their favourite artists in sharing new music, arguing and standing on behalf of their favourite artists. They also employ propaganda in marketing music, which is the first step in winning the battle of public of public opinion.

Artists, publicists, managers and record labels must take their time scrolling into the social media streets identifying and embracing the footsoldiers and touts who represent their camps.

The following artists are well represented on social media and they footsoldiers and touts are well supportive.

Winky D

The Bigman has a legion of soldiers but Gaffa Lite and Prince Vigilance are some of the leading Gaffas. Gaffa Lite went on to imitate Winky D’s hairstyle considering the fact that he is a Winky D lookalike cum counterfeit. Prince is an ardent disciple of Winky D, he is prepared to spill blood for Winky, offend other artists who demean Gaffa and does anything he can to push his music.

Nutty O

Scores of social media users also have an warm and persimistic stance towards King Forward. But they are these two young men Batsirai Gerald and Sugartee Abilitiy Extension. They are ABX to the bone and to the blood. The way they love Nutty O is out of this world, it seems like they eat, stay and live in his comment section, they are the first to react . They also share, market and defend Nutty O’s music all over.

Seh Calaz

The bandit also has a myriad of footsoldiers and loyalists, most of them who are violent if offended and are passionate about his music. The main acts are the Capetown based Simba Wekwa Mutandwa and the charming Boss Terry.
These guys unconditionally love Seh Calaz and play a big role in manipulating public opinion in favour of Calaz. Simba yesterday a birthday fundraising initiative for Seh Calaz which saw scores of fans both home and abroad sending him large sums of money as birthday presents. Terry has managed to gain many followers due to his association with the Mabhanditi brand, he is on the road to become a socialite. If any artists has fans like, they must treasure them for they are special.


The yardboy is loved, the imheni iyoyo buzzword has become a social media trend which is a Poptain’s initiative. But there is this soldier who is called Yardboy Law, his love for Poptain is unmatched. He is the major plug to follow to get an upclose and inside understanding of brand Poptain. From new music and other new issues inside Poptains’ camp, he is always updated.

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