Are Hip Hop groups worth starting (Zim Hip Hop groups and where they are)


So it is now 2017 and there is probably a kid out there who is thinking about forming a Hip Hop group with his or her friends, but, the success of prior Hip Hop groups in Zimbabwe is a factor which the kid will take into consideration on whether he or she should go solo or nah.

Talking of Hip Hop or rap groups in Zimbabwe The ZimTainment has come up with a list of some of the groups which ever existed in Zimbabwe. The list might be too short but if there is any group which was/is left you are welcome to share with us.

Zimbabwe Legit

Although relatively unknown on the African continent, Zim Hip Hop originated as far back as the late 1980s and had the first Hip Hop group, Zimbabwe Legit, enter the US charts in 1992 with ‘Doin’ Damage in My Native Language’. 

A Peace of Ebony

In 1991 Chiwoniso met two young Hip Hop artistes Hebert Schwamborn and Tony Chihota and formed one of Zimbabwe’s first Afro Hip Hop group, A Peace of Ebony
They recorded an album From the native tongue in 1992 in Keith Farquharson‘s studio, with Keith contributing much of the music and production.


2013 was a year to remember with the formation of one of the best Zim Hip Hop groups to ever grace the industry.  The group was made up of three talented Hip Hop prodigies David ‘Mariachi’ Chitate, Tatenda ‘Tatea Da MC’ Nziramasanga and Kevin ‘MC Cut’ Sagomba.


The name MMT came from the trio’s initial stage names.

The trio stormed into the industry and gained so much respect after releasing ‘Zvidhori’ which became their best release though they later released other tracks like ‘party yatanga’, ‘wake up’ and ‘Ma teams’.

However the trio has since gone into hibernation and rumours suggest that there is no longer MMT but in the late 2016 they released a single track (live for today) which was supposed to mark their comeback but to no avail. 

Few Kings

It seems as if 2013 was a huge year for Zim Hip Hop as it was also the year Few Kings (same year as MMT) rose to stardom. 
The group was made up of two rappers and one producer namely Tendai ‘Tehn Diamond‘ Nguni, James ‘Jnr Brown‘ Mpakula and Tatenda ‘Take Fizzo‘ Jenami. 
The trio which was ‘an enemy’ to MMT dropped hit tracks like ‘Happy’ and ‘Madrinks’ before they dropped one of the most successful albums in Zimbabwean Hip Hop, The Feelin Ain’t Fair. 
Apparently the trio started working on their individual projects and it is believed that they had teamed up for The Feelin Ain’t Fair only. 
Jnr Brown has recently dropped fire tracks like ‘Tongogara’ which was rumoured to have generated a couple of thousand bucks whilst Tehn Diamond is also doing well individually ans is set to drop his much awaited album, The Perfect Tehn. 
Legendary and super producer Take Fizzo is still making music at Zion but it has been long since he has made a hit track after The Feeling Ain’t Fair.

Masofa Panze 

Talk about vernacular rap then you will have to find where the Masofa Panze crew is located. 
Blacperl and Noble Stylz
The group is made up of two rappers, Noble Stlyz and the hood queen BlacPerl. The group was formed around two to three years ago after Noble Stylz and Blacperl had competed in the same cypher which had the likes of Maskiri and Sniper to mention just a few. 
Noble Stylz came first whilst BlacPerl came second and she was only 16 years of age. That is when the two joined forces. 
The duo has since dropped a series of albums, Masofa Panze 1 to 3 which which has seen the duo taking accolades at the Zim Hip Hop Awards making them a force to reckon with. 
Masofa Panze is still there and it seems they are the only ones which are still together and they are still making music. 
BlacPerl has since dropped her maiden solo album and Noble Stylz has been dropping singles and is also about to drop an album though there is no date for the release. 

Other Hip Hop groups which were influential in the rise of the genre were Blazer Boys which consisted of Alkami and Yachi and also DiElectrict Blue which had Upmost and Outspoken.

There might be more Hip Hop groups in Zimbabwe which might not have been mentioned but the above mentioned had an impact on the growth of the genre and some of them are still putting in work to cement their relevance in the genre.

So if you were thinking of starting a Hip Hop group then you should pull up your socks, work hard and make sure you become the best in what you will be doing. Hip Hop is not easy in Zimbabwe.

Please use the comment box below if you feel there is something we missed or if you want to make a contribution. Your feedback is important to us.

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  1. I’m 40 and jeez I sent like a dinosaur!!!
    I grew up on hip hop and music in general!!!
    I think this article left a few like B.L.E.S.S
    they are pioneers of the genre in Zimbabwe

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